Services & Fees

I currently offer individual and group play therapy for children and young people who are struggling emotionally and/or behaviourally

Individual 1-1 play therapy can be suitable for children with mild to complex emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. It can be a short term or a longer-term intervention. The length of the therapy is dependent upon the severity of the child’s difficulties,which will be discussed at initial meetings and reviewed regularly.  


Some children may benefit from 12 sessions, whereas others may require over 30 sessions. PTUK research on over 40,000 sessions of pre and post measurements has shown that the average amount of sessions are between 12-15, these research findings can be found in the International Journal of Play and Creative Arts Therapies.

Sessions take place at the same time each week and in the same room and last approximately 40 minutes depending upon the age of the child and any other factors, such as a disability that may need to be taken into account. Regular review meetings with the parents/carers, school and any other professionals will be held to discuss progress.

Group play therapy is suitable for children with mild difficulties and will be themed around a particular issue, such as bereavement or low self esteem. The group usually consists of three to six children all struggling with the same issue, which can be focused upon during each session. It is deemed to be a short-term intervention lasting approximately six weeks. Sessions take place at the same time each week, in the same room and will last 1 hour. A meeting will be carried out at the end of the six week block with each set of parents/carers on an individual basis to discuss the outcome.

Fees start from £45 per hour, please get in touch using the details on the contact page and we can discuss further!